Freddy Furulund

Freddy joined DNK in 2015 to develop a thorough loss prevention and loss mitigation capability at DNK. This later materialized as the Intelligence & Operations Centre (IOC) which currently consists of five professionals.

The DNK IOC builds the global Intelligence picture to support decision making amongst their members in the short to long term. This is done this through a professional set-up involving an extended source-network, a structured and well recognized methodology and skilled intelligence analysts. DNK IOC also supports their members with Crisis Management if necessary and provides 24/7 Duty Officer support to their members.

Before attending DNK, Freddy served 30 years as an officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces. First 15 years in various command positions within the Norwegian Army, and the last 15 years in various positions within the Norwegian Intelligence Service. Last as the Principal and Commandant of the Norwegian Intelligence University College.

During his time in the armed forces, Freddy attended all qualifying schools at all levels and has served in combat operations abroad in numerous conflict areas.