Joseph D. Myers

Joseph D. Myers: Chief, Fishing Vessel Safety Division, U.S. Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance, Washington DC.

Responsible for the Coast Guards U. S. Domestic Fishing Vessel Safety Program, overseeing policy, industry outreach/training, reports to congress, acts as Alternate Designated Federal Officer to the National Fishing Safety Advisory Committee, directs CG Auxiliary fishing vessel safety initiatives, oversees nations USCG FV District Coordinator and Examiner programs, and represents the U. S. Delegation at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on U.S. fishing industry matters.

Tenure with U.S. Coast Guard: 40 Years.

Education: Master of Business Administration & Human Resources.

Qualifications/Certifications: CG Marine Inspector, Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner, American Welding Society Certified Welder Educator, CG Master Training Specialist.