Roland Goertz

May 1989                                                    High School Diploma

September 1989 – October 1994           Diploma in Chemistry, Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany

October 1994 – October 1997                 Doctorate (Degree: Dr. rer. nat.)

July 1997 – September 1999                   Study for the higher service of fire departments

September 1999 - August 2004              Assistant Chief, Erfurt Fire Department, Germany

September 2004 – February 2007      Chief Fire Officer, Erfurt Fire Department Germany

March 2007- May 2012                           Chief Fire Officer, Karlsruhe Fire Department, Germany

Since June 2012                                       Professor for Chemical Safety and Fire Defence at the University of Wuppertal, Chair for Chemical Safety and Fire

Defense, Director of the Fire Service Science Institute (FSI)

Expert for                                                 Fire and explosion investigation on behalf of the German Police, Prosecutor´s Office, State Office of Criminal Investigation,                                                                    German Courts or as a private expert